Build Positive Emotional Intelligence

The mind is a magical and mysterious place. It’s where our imagination, thinking, and feelings are all created. It’s also the place where many of our emotions are born. The four most basic emotions we have are happy, angry, sad or nervous. The thoughts and emotions we experience will often determine how we will feel throughout the day. There are going to be times when we may be happy, sad, angry, or even nervous. All human beings experience these feelings and that is okay. It’s natural.

Developing Emotional Skills

The Mind Is Matter App is created by former college star athlete and beauty pageant contestant, India Cuttino. India remembered all the times she felt anxiety and stress when competing, all while trying to keep up with her studies. She always wished there was a place she could go to help guide her through all those different and, at times, confusing emotions. Mind Is Matter is here at your fingertips ready to guide you and help explain the reasons you feel the way you do. When you first open the app, it asks “How are you feeling today?” and based on the feeling you choose it will take you to different activities that will help you better understand that feeling. There is even a dashboard for your parents that helps explain your feelings at that moment so they can help too! You are also able to explore on the Learn tab where there are many articles which you can share with your parents to help them better understand your feelings and behaviors as well.

Positive emotional development is important


Mind Is Matter knows how important your thoughts and emotions are to you and how important it is to build positive emotional intelligence. Together with the activities in the app you will be guided to a safe space that will give you a clearer understanding of all the many emotions you feel throughout the day. The Mind Is Matter App is a fun way to help you master your emotions and not be overwhelmed by them. Download it now because your mind is beautiful and it matters.

Build positive emotional intelligence
Build positive emotional intelligence


On this screen you can add your picture, name, and age for your unique profile. For our younger users (5+), parents/guardians can set up their child’s profile. Parents/guardians can add as many children as they like. 


Once you are done with the suggested activities, you are free to explore the rest of the activities! 

Build positive emotional intelligence
Build positive emotional intelligence


After you choose your mood for the day, you will have activities available for you to complete based on your mood.


Here you can find all of the activities. Check back often for new activities that have been added!

Build positive emotional intelligence
Build positive emotional intelligence

This page is filled with articles for you and your parent/guardian. These articles are here to help educate you about feelings that may seem confusing. You can also find fun activities to try at home!


Here you can manage your monthly subscription, change your password, and edit your profile!

Build positive emotional intelligence


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This just means a 5 year old not may not be able to understand the activities in the 9+ category and may need a parent’s assistance, and a 12 year old may find the activities in the 5+ category a tad too simple. All activities are open to all ages between 5-12, the age groups are just for reference. 

No. Mind is Matter App is designed to educate, not diagnose any disorders.

Parents are able to add more options to have a more personalized experience for that particular activity. Ie: in The “I’m Awesome 5+” activity, parents can add more affirmations that are specific to their child!

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